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A Divorce can impact an entire family, not just the parties themselves.


Family Court issues affect a person both financially, and emotionally.  There are many overwhelming issues that must be dealt with, often at the same time: locating new housing; changing a child's school system; developing a visitation schedule that suits both the parties, as well as the children's needs; planning a budget that may include the payment of child support, or even alimony.  Issues such as the continuation of health insurance are often dealt with, as are the division of the parties' pensions/life insurance policies.

My accessibility and contact with my clients during this time period is most important. I will fight to protect your rights during this most difficult time in order to protect you, your children, as well as the assets of the marriage, whether in a divorce action or custody battle. Experience is needed to protect your assets, such as the marital domicile, automobiles, household furnishings, pensions, retirement plans and related investments. My firm will also advise and address issues such as  outstanding debts, mortgages and loans as well as tax exemptions and the issue of alimony, if needed.


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